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You don’t need to wait for things to feel “Right” to be happy. You can BE HAPPY NOW & things will feel right.

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What is my mission?

Help You Figure Out Your Feelings

First and foremost, I am a strong proponent of approaching feelings with empathy and not a desire to fix things. I believe that listening is the first step to overcoming any challenge in life. This is exactly what this is — a platform for people to feel heard, and to understand that what you are feeling is normal and apart of being human. My goal is to help you transform these feelings and discover a newfound sense of hope and optimism.

Thrive In A Support System Of Fearless Go-getters

Connections are everything right? At school, friends are your greatest support system. At work, you’ll meet colleagues who need your help. In business, you need connections to operate, grow, and scale. Nothing great is ever done alone. It’s quite the same here. I want to cultivate a safe space for people to learn to be comfortable in their feelings, draw inspiration from their peers and ultimately, stand united by a quest to find hope amid crisis.

Be A Source Of Inspiration

Having braved and survived the trials and tribulations of midlife, I want to be a role model for those who find themselves in my position. I want to do this through my own story and lived experience living deep in the trenches and how I hoisted my way out.

Vocalize what you are experiencing

In a world where finding true happiness is becoming more difficult, my mission is to create a space where we can candidly discuss these topics without feeling like we’re stepping on eggshells. My movement is about bringing people together to find a way out of the darkness and into the light. Where the concept of happiness is better understood and more attainable.


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I have written for several publications such as the: Washington Post, Huffington Post, and Herald Sun and appeared on Kinderling Radio and Boston Radio. I would be happy to contribute something that will bring inspiration to your readers.

"Living Courageously"

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